Professional Tech Support in Irvine, California

Expert IT Support Customized To Your Needs

Our team of trained IT professionals has the experience and know-how to troubleshoot your tech problems and provide custom tech support in Irvine, CA to take your business to the next level.

Why We’re Your Choice For Top Tech Support in Irvine

Businesses, organizations and individuals across Irvine, Ca depend on our team to keep their technology running like a well-oiled machine. Over the years, we’ve earned their trust because we put their needs first. When you work with us, we guarantee:
TecKnowCare team giving excellent Tech Support

Quick Communication and Speedy Solutions:

We know that when things go wrong, you need a solution fast. As a result, we pride ourselves on lightning-fast response times to keep your business going and growing.

Problem Prevention:

Our expert tech support in Irvine doesn’t just solve problems once they appear. We do everything in our power to predict and avoid possible issues with your tech systems. Because we go by the motto, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Cutting-Edge Creativity:

Keep your Irvine business up to date with the latest technological innovations to stay ahead of the curve. We offer our clients customized upgrade plans to support their company’s growth and efficiency.

Tech Experts You Can Trust:

We appreciate the trust you put in us to keep your tech working smoothly. So, every member of our team is thoroughly vetted and intensively trained to be able to resolve even the most complicated tech problems.

Customer Satisfaction Every Time:

Our top priority is making sure you’re happy with the IT services we provide. However, if you’re not thrilled with the results, we promise to make it right.

Managed Tech Support Services in Irvine

Every business is different and so are their technological needs. As a result, we provide personalized IT support in Irvine to businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout Irvine, California. Get everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Irvine-Based Helpdesk Services

Don’t let tech problems keep your business down. We provide speedy and solution-focused helpdesk services for Irvine businesses and organizations so you get the solution you need fast. Also, our helpdesk is staffed by high-quality IT professionals based in Irvine to provide you with in-person and remote IT help whenever you need it.

Data Backup and Recovery

Keeping your data safe and secure is essential to running a business these days. We safeguard your business’ and customers’ data with state of the art data backup and recovery services. In addition, our tech support pros help guard against breeches and recover data when something goes wrong. From hard-drive backup to cloud security, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Services and Support

Are you getting the most out of the cloud? We help your team communicate and collaborate seamlessly with co-workers and clients with cloud computing solutions. So, get a personalized cloud computing solution that enhances efficiency, boosts teamwork and streamlines communication.

Network Monitoring
Our IT techs are trained to create a custom network system solution to serve your company’s needs. We design and implement a comprehensive software, hardware, and wireless network to help your business grow. From network security to remote monitoring, you can count on us to keep you connected.
Upgrade Management

For any Irvine business, staying up-to-date with the latest technological innovations is key to beating out your competitors. However, it’s also important not to overpay for fancy tech that you don’t need and won’t use. So, we craft personalized upgrade plans for Irvine companies to help them prioritize upgrades without wasting a cent.

Security Risk Assessment

Everyday, more than 2,200 cyberattacks are committed. Don’t let your business be the next victim. Thanks to our comprehensive security audit services, you’ll never have to worry about hackers and phishers stealing your data and holding your business hostage. In addition, we set up intricate custom solutions to secure your business and even educate your staff with best practices to keep your company secure.

Home Tech Support in Irvine, CA

Whether you’re running a business from your home office, taking classes from your couch, or just want to enjoy the latest streaming entertainment in the comfort of your home, our home tech support services are here to help.

Cybersecurity and Virus Protection

Hackers and phishers don’t just target businesses. Keep your home technology and personal data safe and secure with our top quality residential security audit and services. In addition, we help keep you safe against viruses and malware so you don’t have to deal with annoying pop-ups, crashes, and freezes. Also, we help you defend against hackers and phishing with regular operating system updates and fine-tuned solutions customized for your needs.

Smart Device IoT Setup

These days everything from your carbon monoxide detector to your dishwasher is a smart device. We help set up new devices, connect them to your network, and make sure everything runs smoothly. In addition, our IT techs are trained to help with your iPhone, Android devices, smart TVs, and more.

Home Office Setup

Want to work from home while having all the conveniences you would have in an office? Our residential tech support team will optimize your work from home setup, including video conferencing, printers, wifi, and more.

Internet Setup and Troubleshooting

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow, spotty, and insecure internet signal. We can install, modify, upgrade, and maintain your home’s network so you have the fastest, safest wifi possible. We are happy to help if you are looking for the best tech support in Irvine, California.

See what others are saying!

“We were expanding and needed to move 2 floors of offices (including computers, phone systems, faxes, etc) into our new space. There’s a lot involved to make sure everything is seamless and running when it’s set up in a new space. These guys quickly got us all set up. It’s more organized now and things run better than before.”

“I needed a way to make my paper files digital, because I had run out of room in my office for filing cabinets.  Everythings on the internet nowadays, so it was time. They set me up with a system to turn my paper files into computer files, so I could do it at my own pace. I coudn’t be happier with this new way of doing things.

“We didn’t know where to start getting in front of more customers online. We got an evaluation on our website and facebook page from Tecknowcare. They made a marketing strategy for us to start getting in front of more people. It’s working and we’re getting some more sales.”

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