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Download the Security Audit Checklist and discover:

The essential security practices that should be followed by every business.

Some of the most vital things you can do to make sure your email, online accounts & website are protected.

If your internet connection, network & business computers are susceptible to being hacked.

How your business measures up against several security categories and what steps you need to take if it doesn't.

Why Should I Worry About My Tax Business Being Secure?

Here are the main reasons:

  • Even if you think you don’t need to worry about security, you do. Hackers are counting on you to have no security measures in place and they don’t care if you are prepared for them or not.
  • Hackers don’t just gain access to your valuable business data, their goal is to steal it. How long would it take you to recover the stolen data with no security measures or recovery plan in place?
  • Insecure systems are prone to hacking. Hackers use methods to test your network and internet vulnerabilities. If you haven’t done much to secure your system, you’ll easily fail their tests and hackers will take advantage of it.
  • When you get hacked (it’s inevitable with an insecure system), your customers will feel violated and stop trusting you and giving you their business.
  • Once word spreads about your business getting hacked, potential customers will choose your competition over you. Customers are extremely concerned about their privacy these days.

See what others are saying!

“I had no idea how bad our security training was, nor did I care for years. That lasted until our VP clicked on the wrong email and we nearly lost everything. It would have been 10yrs of our data that was almost destroyed. I trust TecKnowCare with our security, they saved us. Regular security checks are a must for every business owner.”

“We pride ourselves on keeping client’s tax files safe. Little did we know they weren’t. The Tec Know Care security check was the wakeup call we needed. We have a good solution now to get everything fixed up and safe. Thank you George for all your help! “

“We received an audit and boy did we learn some things about our lack of security. And it seemed overwhelming at first, but these guys really know their stuff. We got a customized schedule for upgrading and securing our networks and they’ll be training our staff. What a relief it is knowing this stuff is taken care of.”

Free security audit checklist