Medical Solutions

You’ll find all medical and health related businesses we’ve helped in this category. This includes: Doctors, Dentists, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, etc. See below for specific examples.

3D Imaging Provider

Ron, an investor and venture capitalist, contacted us because he needed help with a unique project using 3D human imaging hardware and software. He legally owned the hardware and needed to reverse engineer it with a parts list and manufacturing plan. This included fitting 3 high-end graphic’s cards into the device’s stand to help drive it’s cameras.

So we came up with the parts list and the manufacturing plan for him. We collaborated with the team (a Disney animator, creators of the computer software and Ron) to come up with the plan for supply and manufacturing of the whole 3D imaging system. After we did this, we were able to manufacture several (20+) of these for sales worldwide. We can help you with your unique project the same way we did here!

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