Patty’s Place

A bar in a restaurant with a lot of wine glasses.
Project Type: Hospitality

Nick Quiroz, the owner of Patty’s Place (a restaurant with a delicious egg’s benedict dish) in Seal Beach, CA bought the restaurant with the hardware and systems already in place to run the restaurant. The restaurant uses a Point of Sale (POS) system for the front and back of the house and the bar. Nick didn’t know what condition the hardware was in and he needed an honest evaluation of the hardware and software, so he could plan upgrades in order of importance.

So we evaluated all of his hardware (network, switches, routers, wiring, and uninterrupted power supplies). Then we explained everything to him and taught him about the current system and how it was working. We then drafted a custom plan for him with what improvements were needed in order of importance, so he could plan and budget accordingly. It’s not always necessary to replace everything all at once. It’s our goal to help you determine the most important upgrades for right now and what you can wait on. We can create an upgrade management plan like this for you, that is affordable and customized to your needs. We’ll help you with every step in this process!

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