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What We Do /How We Help

TecKnowCare is about using technology, knowledge and care in conjunction with custom solutions designed to help homes and businesses. We have a wide range of experience over many different categories, which helps give us a unique perspective to come up with solutions that are custom fit for you and your needs.

We start by analyzing any challenges and concerns you have and then we help you find proven solutions that just work. We do this using sound technology and business practices that are both economical and practical. We exemplify care by meeting your needs and budget.

Here are some of the other services we offer that may be a part of your custom solution:

  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Website creation and integration
  • Phone and communication systems
  • Network management
  • Computer system security and testing
  • Speeding up slow computer systems
  • 1 on 1 or group computer programs training
  • Cloud storage – What’s best for you?
  • Digitizing records & management access solutions
  • Helping meet government security guidelines
  • Comprehensive online safety
  • Marketing and sales – getting you clients

Real-Life Examples

Patty’s Place

Nick Quiroz, the owner, contacted us after he bought the restaurant. He needed to know about the preexisting hardware and software in the restaurant. So we evaluated everything for him (network, switches, routers, wiring, and uninterrupted power supplies, etc.). Then we taught him about the current system and how it was working.

We came up with a custom plan for him detailing what improvements were needed in order of importance, so he could plan and budget accordingly. It’s not always necessary to replace everything all at once. It’s our goal to help you determine the most important upgrades for right now and what you can wait on. We’ll help you with every step in this process!

Ham Radio Club

The ham radio club needed a better way to communicate, collaborate and plan events online. We evaluated the full scope of their needs. We saw that they needed the ability to share documents, calendars, photos and other media in a secure, private location accessible to members only. They also needed collaborative real-time editing of documents.

So we set up a NextCloud open-source NAS server, which helps keep the club in control of their business. It can be run on almost any hardware, cloud, or on-premise. This gave them more freedom and control over how their club runs and how documents are stored and managed. Proprietary solutions can be limiting and makes backups difficult, so this is an ideal alternative. We can help you with a similar solution for your business!

3D Imaging Provider

Ron, an investor and venture capitalist, contacted us because he needed help with a unique project using 3D human imaging hardware and software. He legally owned the hardware and needed to reverse engineer it with a parts list and manufacturing plan. This included fitting 3 high-end graphic’s cards into the device’s stand to help drive it’s cameras.

So we came up with the parts list and the manufacturing plan for him. We collaborated with the team (a Disney animator, creators of the computer software and Ron) to come up with the plan for supply and manufacturing of the whole 3D imaging system. After we did this, we were able to manufacture several (20+) of these for sales worldwide. We can help you with your unique project the same way we did here!

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Our Specialists

Below are some of our specialists and their areas of expertise. You can learn more about us, our skills and how we can help you by going to our about page or by clicking the “learn more” button below.

George Mulak
Chief Technical Officer

I can help you with finding and integrating technology and creative solutions to solve your business problems, increasing your profitability.  Contact me directly to chat about a custom solution to suit your needs.

Angela Edge
Marketing, Web Design, Social Media, Graphic Design

I can consult on digital marketing, build or improve your website, set up & manage social media, make high-quality videos & images, do simple logo design, photo editing, host & manage your website and more!

Nathan Haines
Publishing, Media, Tech Support

I can help you publish fiction & technical books, papers, blog articles and create other content. I can also help with Linux and technical support, teaching included.  Also, I can help you run and organize promotional events.

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