From your business website to your finances, there is no doubt that many important parts of your business need maintenance. The technology that helps you run your business is no exception, as it can be one of your biggest vulnerabilities.

IT services experts in Los Angeles (like TecKnowCare) highly recommend regular security audits to ensure they are functioning correctly and keeping your private information safe.

What are Security Audits?

Security audits help make sure your business or organization is compliant with government regulations. If your data management systems aren’t secure, you should know about it before something bad happens.

Security audits or assessments can be helpful even if you don’t have to comply with government regulations. You can use an assessment to figure out if your security is compromised. It is important to perform regular security audits because you might not notice a breach until you have a professional security expert look for one.

Your regular security assessments can also be a selling point, as it can demonstrate to your clients how seriously you consider their privacy and their information.

A security audit can:

Figure out if your network is secure

As a precaution, it’s important to ensure that your network perimeter is protected as well. It’s important to perform periodic security assessments on your organization’s security architecture in order to analyze and improve how you keep your network safe and segmented to make sure that errant applications are not getting access to your network.

Make sure you’re virus-free

As it goes, viruses can come from a variety of sources, including a website, a laptop, or a USB drive, and there are ways to protect your organization from them. A security assessment can make sure your organization’s antivirus software is working correctly, and that you’re prepared to stop viruses if countermeasures do not work.

Keep up with patch updates

It’s important to keep everything running smoothly from servers to workstations to operating systems. You need a security assessment to make sure everything’s up to date. It’s also a good time to check DNS and emails, as well as applications that contain important databases. There’s a chance to review patch status and patch policies. If patch policies aren’t followed or lag time is too big, they need to be changed. A Los Angeles IT services provider, like TecKnowCare, can help you make sure your business is secure.

Analyze potential attack paths

In a periodic security audit, you’ll find out how the bad guys can and do attack your company. It’s a chance to evaluate how vulnerable your organization is. The audit will show internal and external attack vulnerabilities.

It’s important to do these periodically because operating systems, hardware and software all go through updates and changes, so hackers develop new methods to attack them.

Figure out the best ways to manage your infrastructure

Keep in mind that digital security is relative, not absolute, so you should follow the best practices in the industry. You should compare your organization’s security infrastructure to your competitors’. Keep assessing risk, improving, and doing what you need to do to keep hackers away.

Get a Free Security Audit Checklist

If you are interested in a security audit, we have a free checklist that can help you figure out if you need a professional audit or if everything is ok as it is. It covers a variety of areas of potential vulnerability in your business concerning the technology you use every day. Just click here to get your free copy and see if your business is at risk.

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