About Us

TecKnowCare is about using technology, knowledge and care in conjunction with custom solutions designed to help you and your business. We have a wide range of experience over many different categories, which helps give us a unique perspective to come up with solutions that are custom fit for your business and its needs.
George Mulak
Chief Technical Officer

I can help you with finding and integrating technology and creative solutions to solve your business problems, increasing your profitability.  Contact me directly to chat about a custom solution to suit your needs.

Our Specialists

Below are our specialists and their areas of expertise. You can learn more about us, our skills and how we can help you.

Angela Edge
Marketing, Web Design, Social Media, Graphic Design

I can consult on digital marketing, build or improve your website, set up & manage social media, make high-quality videos & images, do simple logo design, photo editing, host & manage your website and more!

Nathan Haines
Publishing, Media, Tech Support

I can help you publish fiction & technical books, papers, blog articles and create other content. I can also help with Linux and technical support, teaching included.  Also, I can help you run and organize promotional events.

Jeffrey Hua
Attorney at Law

I represent companies and individuals in various tax, business, real estate and litigation matters. I can assist with contracts (review & disputes), business formation (LLC, Corporations, Partnerships.) advice, estate planning, living trusts and more.

Mike Martin
MSP Network Engineer, Security & Monitoring

I  can consult with you on Microsoft network engineering, monitoring, security, wiring & installation. I can also set up video surveillance, universal remote control design & programing, MS Office 365 email setup, remote working setup and more!

Brian Donley
Business Project Manager, Test Engineer

I can assist with project management for your business, production and quality control needs. Being skilled as a test engineer (at Western Digital), I can help test products as they are being developed for you. I can also debug firmware and software.

If you need excellent tech support in Irvine, California then TecKnowCare is your best bet for solutions that simply work. Click the button below to book your free consultation today.

Let us help you with a custom solution for your technology struggles!